Coller Institute PE Findings App

ClientColler Institute of Private Equity

Private Equity Findings is a bi-annual 28-page publication issued by the Coller Institute of Private Equity ( that extracts the key findings from the best of the world’s private equity academic research and brings them to a wider and non-academic audience: the general partners (GPs), limited partners (LPs), advisers and policy makers. The publication, launched in November 2009, presents the research findings in a lively and engaging format through interviews with the authors of the research as well as gathering the insight and opinions of GPs, LPs and advisers.

The tone of the pieces is entirely accessible, while remaining authoritative and intellectually rigorous. Findings is not intended to be a précis of the research showcased, but seeks to stimulate debate and provide informed opinion of issues that are key to the private equity industry and its stakeholders.

Findings features research on a range of topics affecting the industry, including buyout performance, networks in venture capital, sovereign wealth funds, governance structures, PE’s effect on employment, GP incentives, captive funds, leverage and regulation.

To complement hard copy circulation, the Coller Institute of Private Equity has launched an Private Equity Findings App which incorporates all 5 issues of the publication. The App is designed to enhance your overall viewing experience of Findings and is compatible with all major tablets, including the Apple iPad, Blackberry Playbook and Android platforms.

Key features of the App include:

· Layout optimized for tablet viewing
· Ability to browse issues even when internet connection is not available
· Notification when new issues are available
· Share with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Email) with ability to customize sharing message
· Swipe functionality for page turning and browsing

Platforms: iPad (Android tablet, Blackberry Playbook coming soon)